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Online Booking: No walk-ins! We prioritize a seamless experience for our clients, and therefore, we exclusively operate on an appointment basis. Embrace the convenience of booking your preferred time slot online, ensuring a hassle-free visit to our salon.

Time Consideration: To provide you with the utmost attention and care, we recommend allocating a minimum of 2 hours for your hair service. This allows our skilled stylists the time needed to understand your unique hair texture and deliver a personalized, exceptional experience.

Age Restriction: Our services cater to individuals aged 12 and up. We create a welcoming atmosphere for all adults and young adults (12+), fostering a space where diverse textures and styles are celebrated. Experience the expertise of our stylists in transforming your curly, wavy, or textured hair into a work of art.


Cancellation Policy:

  • Enjoy flexibility with a 48-hour cancellation window.
  • Refundable Deposits: Deposits are fully refundable when cancellations occur within the 48-hour timeframe.
  • Non-Refundable Deposits: For cancellations made in less than 48 hours, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Reservation Essentials:

  • Secure Your Spot: All services necessitate a 50% deposit to ensure the reservation of your coveted appointment.
  • Tailored Experience: Your deposit guarantees a personalized and dedicated session with our skilled stylists, specializing in curly, wavy, and textured hair.

Appointment Etiquette

Punctuality Matters:

  • Ensure a smooth experience by arriving in a timely manner for your appointment.
  • Enjoy a 15-minute grace period for any unforeseen delays.

Late Fees:

  • Timeliness Policy: After the initial 15 minutes, a late fee of $50.00 will be charged to accommodate the adjusted schedule.

Payment Options:

  • Flexible Transactions: We welcome all major credit cards for your convenience.
  • Cash: Cash payments are also accepted.
  • Gratuity Protocol: Please note that we exclusively accept cash for tips, ensuring a seamless and appreciated gesture for our talented stylists.