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Crafting Art in Curly Hair, One Strand at a Time

Providing Precision Haircuts With Wash & Style, Olaplex, Scalp, and Moisture Treatment Services

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Your Haven in NYC for
curly, textured, and wavy hair

Welcome to Serrato Style, where every strand tells a unique story and celebrates the beauty of curly and wavy textured hair. Here, we've cultivated a sanctuary for those who embrace the natural allure of their locks, and our passion lies in creating hairstyles that accentuate the individuality of each curl and wave.

Serrato Style is where hairdressing isn't just a job, but a passion. Since our inception in 2016, we have specialized in textured and curly hair, transforming this specialty into a deeply cherished passion.

At Serrato Style, we're not just shaping hair; we're shaping narratives, fostering self-expression, and celebrating the inherent beauty of every curl and wave. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, where your hair isn't just styled – it's embraced as an integral part of who you are.

Inclusive Hair Salon

Our salon is more than just a space for hair transformations; it's a community hub where everyone is welcomed with open arms. We take immense pride in serving our communities, fostering an environment where every client feels at home, important, heard, and undeniably sexy. It's not just about styling hair; it's about uplifting spirits and enhancing confidence through the artistry of curls and waves.

We are incredibly grateful for our diverse clientele, ranging from locals to international visitors from cities such as the Bronx, Trinidad, Mexico City, and even Belgium. At Serrato Style, we celebrate diversity, catering to women, men, and children from all walks of life.

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Serrato Style's salon services redefine haircare with unparalleled expertise and indulgent treatments. From precision haircuts that reflect the latest trends to luxurious wash and styling sessions that leave clients feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Serrato Style ensures every visit is a transformative experience. Our specialized treatments, including Olaplex, Scalp, and Moisture treatments, are meticulously curated to provide deep nourishment, repair, and hydration, promising clients lustrous locks and a renewed sense of confidence.

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Meet The Founder

Our founder, a proud, bald gay Mexican, has poured his heart and soul into making Serrato Style a success. Initially he was hesitant to start his own business, fearing failure and overwhelming responsibility. But he found the courage to embark on this entrepreneurial journey with unwavering support from both clients and parents.

At Serrato Style, our obsession with hair extends beyond a mere profession – it's a heartfelt commitment to empowering individuals through their tresses. We have always marveled at the diverse shapes and textures that curly and wavy hair can take, and it's this fascination that fuels our dedication to delivering exceptional service. Our approach is rooted in collaboration and communication, ensuring that every appointment is a personalized experience tailored to bring out the best in your natural beauty.


Experience the magic of our haircuts, wash, styles, and treatments. Contact us with any questions or request additional information about our services.

Meet Steven, the founder of Serrato Style. Discover how he found his true passion: curls, wavy, and textured hair. Steven dedicates his time and art to the community, making Serrato Style a safe space for everyone!